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I'm Austin. A Designer & WordPress Developer Making the Web a Better Place.

If you looking to create your very first website, modify the one you have, or totally rebrand your business, I am here to help!


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my services

Website Design

Designing a functional and easy to used website that meets today’s standards is a daunting task.  I can help you design your site, create a logo concept that is captivating and personal or just provide guidance and insight for the developer that wants to be hands on.  

Website Design

Design a look a feel that is all your own.  One page, multiple pages, mobile friendly, SEO optimization, online forms, email lists or even appointment scheduling.  I can help with whatever your business needs.

Branding & Logo

You logo is much more than a graphic on your website.  It’s your brand in the world.  It needs to be used on many different mediums, expandable for many different formats and easy to understand.  Talk with me today about how we can customize your branding to get the most out of your budget

Content Strategy

In a world that is driven by search engines and algorithms, having the right strategy for your website and it’s content is paramount.  Let’s work together to develop a plan to increase your visibility and increase your profits!

Website Development

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Built From Scratch

There are hundreds of templates out there, some good and some not so good.  If your not finding what you need, let me design your site from scratch.  I want to help you take that idea you doodled on a napkin or scratch paper into a fully functional website that makes you money

Choose a Premade Template

‘There are so many WordPress Templates out there.  Why re-invent the wheel when you don’t need to.  If a premade template will work for you, lets talk.  Not only will it be easier on the budget, you will be up and running in half the time!  

Maintenance & Updates

Lets face it, creating the website is only the tip of the iceberg.  Static sites disappear from google ratings faster than your last snapchat.  You need to constantly update your content to keep your brand fresh and relevant.  To make things even more frustrating, the site you build will have updates released constantly to the WordPress site and all your plug-ins.  Let me help you keep up with all of this so you can focus on your business.

My Process


I will first schedule a time to talk through your goals and objectives for your website.  Together we will decide what your site needs to do


After we define your goals, we start to design the site look and feel.  This is one of the most important steps and your suggestions and input are very important. 


Once I have your goals and design, I will refine the site and find all the tools that can help us achieve your goals and stay within your budget.


This is where you get to kick back, enjoy a cup of joe and let me do all the heavy lifting (or typing as it were). 

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